Wednesday, June 18, 2008

An outpouring of support.. 

When I joined the Mom's group sometime last year when Baby D was just on the way, I did it mainly for him. Mainly for him to have some interaction with babies his own age, someone to maybe get together and have play dates with. I learned fairly quickly I also benefited from knowing these ladies,they knew: what strollers were best, what toy's he would like at what age, where to shop for cloths, what to expect in the NICU when he was born early, formula questions, sleeping questions... these woman had the answers. What I did not realize is how many friendships I would develop personally. How much support I would get not only as a "Mom" , but a person.. when I just brought Baby D home these woman showed up with meals for us, when I needed a job they gave me leads, when I needed a laugh we got together and played games... 
And now after my Dad died they organize a care package that was truly overwhelming and heartfelt. One of the Mom's asked if she and another Mom could meet me or come by to drop something "small" off. Baby D has seen her a couple time's before and took right to her, and flirted a bit. I told them I did not want to open anything and do the "ugly cry", they understood. So later when baby D was in bed, I opened the package. I was blown away. They baked us cookies, and one of the Mom's who organized it all gathered cards from Mom's all over the bay area (some who have even moved to other states and keep in touch), they also included a necklace one of the Mom's had made. It has my Dad's initials on it and a pearl attached. Inside the cards were personal notes from many woman, gift cards to the cheesecake factory, Chili's, Starbucks, offers to babysit so Keith and I could have some time... and on and on it went. I was really overwhelmed by it all. I know how busy life is. I understand how it is hard to find time to take a deep breath sometimes, let alone go out and get a card, gift cards, and so on. I am truly thankful, and feel very blessed to be apart of this group. 

The necklace with "AJ" on it, I am a person who hates to jinx things and I have a diamond cross I wear often. When my Dad got sick 3 years ago I wore it all the time, never took it off. As he got better I got comfortable, but still wore it often. The night of his heart attack I had taken it off, and felt really bad about doing so. Now I can wear this and have something that represents him close to me. 
All the cards.. 


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