Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day was tuff given my Father just passing, but I wanted to make it special for Keith. It was after all his first father's day, and he had made my Mother's Day special even though it was the first since his mother had passed. It was hard since this is the very first Father's Day I did not spend with my Dad. I never moved away, was always close enough to see him, and it was weird not being able to. I tried to shove all that to the back of my mind and have a good day for Keith.

We (Keith, My Mom and I) went to the Claremont for brunch.
It was a lovely day out, and we love their brunch. Darrian loved the waffles too! After that we came home and relaxed and later in the evening I cooked a dinner for Keith that was an ode to my Dad, his favorite steak and mushrooms. They turned out pretty good, and before I went to bed I listened to some of his last messages to me on my phone.. it helps me feel like he is not so far away. Keith said after that he had a really good day, and was very thankful for his gifts, his day, and his son.

Some pictures.


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