Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Today is the day!

So Today we are going to update the blog a bit. I haven't been adding pictures like I want to. Mainly because I don't have time. I get home, play with Darrian and then get dinner going, after putting Darrian to bed I am tired myself (and know that I will be getting up at 3 am so I should sleep while I can) and don't feel like being in front of a computer.

Things are good in the Thornton home. Everyone is doing great and Darrian is the "star" of the the family. He brings so much joy to Keith and I we can't really describe it.

Some of his new tricks/things are:

*everything goes into his mouth, keep your hand away or they become a snack!

*He talks A LOT! who knew a baby could talk so much. He will lay next to me in bed while I watch my recorded shows and babble, and babble while holding onto his blankie. He is often looking at the ceiling, or at me with such INTENT on his face. So much expression. I reply with a "really who told you that?" and he gets a cheesy grin on this face like "you really get it, glad I am not the only one who thought that".

*He chuckles a lot. It is funny, he just chuckles to himself.

*He has a favorite teddy! (one that his godparents brought back from disney for him)

*He LOVES his toes!

*He copies Grandma's cough

*He is ALMOST sitting on his own. He will double over to his toes, or becomes the leaning tower of baby D.

*He is starting to lean towards someone he wants, like a nose dive!

So we can't leave him alone in his swing anymore, we came in the living room the other day to find this... I think he is trying to find a way to escape!


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