Monday, March 10, 2008

Eating & Old tricks!

baby D has started to eat! We have been doing rice cereal, and on Saturday we introduced banana's. He didn't seem to love them the way we thought he would (see first picture). It makes for a messy fun time! As most of you know I don't like food to mix/touch, and don't like to even WATCH other people let their food touch. There is a certain someone who I used to work with that would go to the company potlucks and put EVERYTHING on their plate.. I am talking jello with bbq meatballs people!! (don't worry it was none of you) Sorry I digress, I just KNEW that when I had a baby I was going to be in trouble. Not to mention all the times Julie warned me as I held back my gag reflex while the girls ate ketchup with pasta or something off the wall like that. So I am heading into that weird area... I will let you know how it goes :)

Also a couple pics of Baby D and his jumperoo. HE LOVES this thing, and even jumps when he is not in it :) Although he is falling asleep more often in it, which is super cute. Wouldn't we all love to play until we just crashed :)


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