Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween came and left so fast this year. I had a doctor appointment that went well. My back has been bugging me but they said that can be expected with the three spinal tap tries I had. Other than that everything went really well, I have already lost most of the weight since it was mainly water from the preeclampsia.. but I started hiking to get the rest off of me. I love hiking in the hills near our house, Limeridge Open Space. It is so peaceful, and so calming... and a great workout.

After my Dr. Appt. I went to get some pictures developed and then headed home. Darrian had a couple halloween themed outfits and we put those on. We got candy, although this year no trick or treaters... I am going to give the candy to the kids across the street anyways so it isn't hanging out here.

Can't believe Thanksgiving is coming up!


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