Sunday, November 25, 2007

Count down to Christmas...

Happy Late Thanksgiving everyone! Sorry I didn't make it on here prior to Turkey day to wish everyone a happy one. Hope all you and your families had a wonderful one and that you got all the turkey you need.

Things are good at the Thornton home. We had a nice Thanksgiving, more of a potluck style this year. I made the cornbread stuffing, Keith made the potatoes salad, Ashlei made the mac n cheese and red velvet cupcakes, Devyn made the greens and an upside down pineapple cake, my Mom brought the turkey and the ham. It was a group effort and was so nice! We had it at our house and had fun all spending time together and playing board games. Darrian was a trouper, didn't want to miss any of the action so he didn't sleep much but he was SO good. Just sad there and watched us play board games.

Friday I managed to get my Mom up early and go to the after thanksgiving sales. We had a great time, and I found some great deals and got a lot of Christmas shopping done (yay!). Then I came home and relaxed and slept. Saturday I went to run some errands and hung out at the house. Devyn let us borrow American Gangster and we watched that, a really good film. Sunday I took Darrian to church, then after went to SF with my Mom. We took Darrian to the beach for the first time and then to Beach Chalet for lunch. It was fun, and Darrian did pretty good.

I have some pictures here of the centerpieces I made for turkey day, Darrian in his turkey outfit, and more... There are a bunch more in the slide show below.. enjoy!


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