Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wedding Season 2007

Well wedding season 2007 has come to and end.... what a year it has been. In some ways the most challenging of the 4 yrs. I have done it, and in some ways the best. I managed to do 29 weddings.. running from April to last weekend. Keith did all of them with me except for the last two because he was home with baby, I did all of them pregnant except for the last two. I didn't expect to do the last two, but you know me since I was not pregnant so I felt like I "had to".

The best client and wedding this year was on 10/13/07, Chandra she was so sweet and her wedding was stunning. It was at one of my favorite locations, Hotel Valencia. I will have pictures posted soon.
I think the craziest wedding we did this year was the one we did in Half Moon Bay, such a pretty location at the Ritz Carlton. However the couple and all their New York guest brought a whole different feel to the hotel, I don't think that Keith and I have heard the F word said so many times in one night.
I have some pictures from a couple of the ones we did in Sept., you can use the following links to look at them.
Cecile and Brian, married at the Green Room in SF. This one was a full coordination.
If this link doesn't work, and you want to see the pictures go to and put in De La Cruz Biehs Wedding, and it will come up.
Erin and Justin's Wedding, Erin is a 49er cheerleader! There wedding was fun, they have been together since high school! Look at the CAKE, I have never seen a cake with layers so big...
That is all for weddings for 2007, now onto 2008.... I will post pictures from Chandra's wedding when I have them.


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