Friday, October 26, 2007

How I like to spend my Day...

I am just discovering I have I like to spend a long time trying to get them in my mouth!
I spend time on my tummy practicing how to raise my head up.. I am very good at this now.

Then I like to rest a bit because it takes alot of energy to work my neck muscles..

Time in my swing that Chris and Julie got him...
This is his "WOW, I never knew there were teddy bears up there!"
Long talks with Daddy...

Thinking about my next bottle!
Playing with the mat that Grandma got me...

I really like the pineapple guy, and often try to see if I can get him in my mouth!
so freaking cute!

Please take note of how much weight I am packing on since my newborn pictures which were at 2 weeks old!

What you don't see a lot of in this post is sleeping!! How could I with all these great toys and skills right. This keeps Mommy and Daddy on their toes and makes it hard for them to get things like phone calls and things done!


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