Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This was at the end... starts bottom up..

This is his stop Mommy enough pictures...

Please take note of the rapid arm movement in the above picture, he doesn't love to sit still.. :)
thats better and a smile..

One Month Old....

Baby D is one month old... well a little more than one month. He turned one month old on Sunday. It is odd looking back and thinking I wasn't even expecting him to be here yet, and he is already a month old! We have adjusted pretty well if I do say so myself to having baby home (knock on wood)..I do notice the closer we get to his "due" date the more like the baby stories I have heard he becomes. One thing is for sure he loves to eat! He has grown into the newborn diapers now, no longer needing the preemie ones. I have also noticed a couple outfits are too small of him now, mainly for length reasons. He is awake more, alert more and such a joy to watch grow. I remember before he came I worried about adjusting to life with baby since Keith and I have been on our own for 1o years... but it is as if he was here the whole time, this was meant to be... it was meant to be.

Here are some pictures we took at his one month mark.. he is smiling now and after much practice we FINALLY got it on film! You can click on them to make them bigger, we tried not to use flash so some are a little blurry..


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