Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shy baby! We still don't know if we have a boy or a girl on our hands. We had the big ultrasound for about an hour and a half this morning, and the entire time we tried to see what s/he was the baby would turn their back to the camera!! There was no way it was going to give up the answer to what color we should paint the room. At one point the stenographer thought it might be a boy but said he could not say for certain, and it could be the umbilical cord.
Otherwise we got to see the legs, arms, feet. The one thing we do know about this baby is it is active! Keith got to see more than me but both him and the stenographer said the baby was flipping around, kicking, and moving it's arms. When I got to take a peak the baby had it's legs stretched out, and another thing we learned the baby likes to lay on it's tummy which makes it hard to see. The heartbeat was going strong, and everything else looked okay.
We have another follow up appointment in a few weeks where they will take another look, they hope that since the baby will be bigger it will not be able to move as much. We will have to be patient until then. It was fun to get to see so much of the baby.... and watch what it is doing inside of me. The hardest part was drinking 40 oz. of fluid and not being able to go the bathroom!!! That was the hardest part until he said he wanted me to empty out "some". Ever had to go the bathroom really bad, then get to go, have to stop half way through and let someone push on your bladder... not fun!! Hopefully in 3 weeks it will be easier and we will know what color to paint the room!


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