Thursday, May 10, 2007

A New Adventure ...
This has proven to be a year of change in the Thornton household. First it was a new job, then it was Keith's Mom's diagnosis for breast cancer, then it was a positive pregnancy test!! Well not really in that order the test came before the news about Keith's Mom. We found out how much life would be changing on Feb. 17th, and since then it has been an exciting adventure. Keith and I are happy to be adding to the family, well to be starting one really. At first it was pure shock, and worry but so far things have worked out.
I have told my job, and friends, and now we are just waiting for the little one. Everything (knock on wood) is falling into place or so it seems. I am about 16 weeks along and the estimated due date is 10/23/07.
So far I have had no morning sickness, and feel great. I did have some days where I was very very tired but that has since gone away. I am not showing yet, although we can feel the change in my tummy starting to happen. I am just hoping this child will be as nice to me when it gets into the world.
So far we have done four ultrasounds, heard the babies heartbeat, seen it sucking it's thumb and kicking. We have the BIG ultrasound on May 22nd and we are hoping all is okay when we see the baby then. This is the hardest part of being pregnant is the constant wonder and worry if everything is okay.
Other than that things have been great, I have started wedding season. So far I have done 3, and Keith has been a great big help. I recently celebrated Niki's birthday on Cinco De Mayo and that was a lot of fun.. I keep promising I will upload all the fun pictures from my many outings but I am having a hard time doing so... I will get to it though!


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