Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Vacation in Recap....
So I didn't take as many notes, pictures over vacation as I had intended to take...but I did take some. To my vacation I going to make a list of highlights from the almost two weeks I had off (think top tenish list here). To give a brief recap I had the week of Christmas until the third of Jan. off... it was paradise. We didn't have any going away planned just wanted to spend the time with friends and family. Natalie came in and spent several days with us which was truely a highlight. Devan came in also for about 5 days and to spend new years with us. As much as I would love to say it was relaxing it really was not....what it was busy and fun but I wouldn't change it. There are some pictures here of things on the top ten list...some are just pictures. I hope you had a wonderful time with you and your we go.
1. Well first off before going on vacation I did bake something for week 4 of the holiday season. It got entered into baking contest at work ..AND I WON!! Yes... I WON. My prize was a $25 gc to Target and bragging rights. I made Chocolate Bars, which Natalie can vouch to they are pretty darn good.... she lived on them when she was here.
2.Shopping RIGHT before Christmas. Natalie came in and we were keeping her a secret from her family so she could surprise them... so we decided to get lost shopping at a mall away from Concord and get some last minute things done. Funny moments shopping for a 49er shirt for Natalie, if you know Natalie is a Raider fan....well she was going to surprise Conrad at the 49er game and bought a shirt to wear for it. AND trying on leather helmets in the store for picture taking.
3. While Natalie was here I think I saw Starbucks more than I have ever seen it in my life. Lots of peppermint hot chocolates for me.
4. Marshmellow fight Christmas Eve... Keith and I went over to Lynda's for the traditional Christmas Eve get together. Chris and Julie and the girls were there now that they are back from FL for good. Chris got a marshmellow launcher. Yes a launcher that fires out mini marshmellows... Chris and marshmellows don't mix, Natalie knows this all to well. Well when the launcher gave up the handfuls of marshmellows didn't... we were just throwing them at each other! I got Malia (their oldest daughter) to gather up the ones on the ground for me so we could tag team him. Keith and I had a really fun time with that.
5. Watching Must Love Dogs with Natalie.
6. Finally convincing Devyn to come over for Christmas dinner and getting her a little tipsy on Champange cocktails.
7. Cooking a successful Christmas dinner for the family, I'm getting over my fear of cooking for people.
8. Going to bowling with Natalie, Eli, and Keith....and actually doing okay. Then going to Crogans and taking pictures of beer pong..and evidence ;).
9. Getting just about everything I asked for from everyone for Christmas...including lots of Cd's...Little T learns to share book, Sex in the City Season Two (this completes my set), a coach wallet, boots, sweater, giftcards, perfume, eyeshadow, lip gloss....It was a good Christmas!
10. Getting Devan tipsy on his trip, and watching him become a drunk dialer.
11. Taking Devan to get his tattoo.
12. Going into the city several times over the vacation.
13. Doing wedding #29 on the 30th to finish off another wedding season.
14. "Last Night" Dance invented by Natalie.
15. A drunk man who sat down with us in Berkeley and sent us all into depression ...but gave us lots of laughs after. Especially since Devyn hates her space invaded and he kept touching her leg and sitting too close.
16. Seeing Keith get tipsy when he has never really gotten that way in the 9 years I have known him.
17. OH how could I forget, buying Keith a book he wanted for Christmas and it is addicting. Natalie and I found ourselves reading it over chocolate bars...
18. Watching Devan have to wrap his phone oh so right so it would charge (it was having an issue charging) and seeing him and Keith work every way possible to get it going.
ALL in all a wonderful Christmas, and a great start to the new year.


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