Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Global warming??

So I keep saying I think Al Gore is onto something. The weather is just....just... odd!! It will be freezing cold one day (I mean freezing like 20's) and then be warm the next. Over the weekend it was so warm Keith and I were in t-shirts and fine, not normal Jan. northern CA weather. Everytime I see something like that I think of Al Gore and his global warming... it seems to make sense because the weather sure isn't! I mean did everyone see the Patriots game over the weekend, It was SUNNY! I don't know how many are football fans but most times the Patriots win because it is snowing in the playoffs and most teams are not used to that!! The announcers kept saying it felt like a September day. I had to think Al Gore was somewhere going "I told you so."

Yesterday was one of those days. I went into SF to meet some clients--and then a friend..and I am telling you it was LOVELY outside!! I had to stop and take a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge (a million times). I can't help but just want to soak it up, the clear skys and the lovely atmosphere of the city. I heart SF... now let me show my bragging with pictures.

The lovely Golden Gate Bridge... See how clear this is...

A view of SF from the Bridge outlook
Some details..
This is in the presidio which is a old army base where they have turned it over to the city, several weddings are in this area, this is a nearby building.

Again my lovely bridge from a little trail near the outlook point. pretty


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