Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Seems like it's been forever.....

Well it seems like it has been forever since I updated our blog. The last day I updated this was my last day at Unisource. It was a shock, a big shock... but I have been lucky enough to find a job that I really like, if not a bit more than the one I had at Unisource. It is odd being at a new place after 8 years at one place, but in the end I think it will be for the best. I hope all works out at my new company, and that I can stay and grow a bit inside of it. I loved the people at Unisource...but the company is not the place that I wanted it to be, and really I think the atmosphere of the place was wearing on me.

So a new year this has been in dead... I am sure I will update as the months go on and tell all about my new things going on at my new place. Which happens to be 15 mins. from my house :). Thanks a bunch to you my friends and family who supported me through a crazy week.. and gave me all the support I could ask for.

I do have new pictures, and I will upload soon. Keith and I went to celebrate the new job about 3 times. Once at Skates for lunch and shopping, and then for a romantic dinner at Bing Crosby's. We just enjoyed a wonderful weekend filled with great dates. Saturday we went to Emeryville for some shopping at Bay St. and then San Francisco to walk around the ferry building, a nearby art booths and had lunch and people watched as the march for the end of the war passed by. We then bought some movies and came home and watched them. Sunday we met with Chris and Julie for was a lot of fun. We went to one place and then changed our mind and left to go to another :), it was a fun double date :). Then Keith and I went shopping for home stuff, and new boots for me. It was a great weekend.

I also did my first wedding of the year on the 20th, and it turned out lovely. The weather here has been AMAZING. (Al Gore is shaking his head somewhere).

Anyhow I will update more later.. and I will post pictures soon!!


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