Wednesday, December 06, 2006

So when I was out with the girls on Saturday, Pam brought up a really cool feature on google!! I looked into it and thought it was so cool that I had to share (aka blog posting) it with everyone!!
Essentially you can text "GOOGL" or "46645" just about anything and they will answer your search. What do I mean by "anything" ?? How about "Italian Walnut Creek, CA" send....and it text message you back a list of all the Italian places to eat in Walnut Creek!! You can also put in a title of a movie and a zip code in a text message hit send and it comes back with a listing of all the times to see the movie and what theatre in the area! Want to know the price of the latest Ipod? Text them "Price Ipod 30 gb" and a text message will come back to you on where to buy it and the price it is listed for!! Also you can get directions! You put in the address you are starting at or city, or zip and then "to" and the address, city, or ZIP you are going to and it text message you back directions!!! It can even translate words for you....
It goes on and on. You can try it out on your computer and see all the neat features at the link below.


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