Monday, December 12, 2011

Cathching up November recap

Here I am playing catch up again, story of my life these days. At some point I will get it under control, someday right??

Here we go, November was filled with a lot of fun, and new things for the kids. The babies turned 11 months old, and started taking a bath in the big bathtub.

Quincy started taking steps about 4-5 at a time. He LOVES to climb. The couch, a box, a stool... it gives me heart attacks, but thankfully in Nov he also mastered getting down feet first and not head first. That is a huge milestone! He loves to eat, not picky at all. He has a great sense of humor and crinkles his nose when he smiles or laughs. He loves to sing and dance, currently obsessed with a Santa that sings silent night. His favorite toy is a ball. He loves to chase them, throw them, or carry them around.

Darrian is working on his numbers and letters at school and is pretty close to spelling his name on his own. He talks all the time, and has a imagination. He is in love with all things superhero. He is really into Christmas and hoping Santa will bring him a batman cave and scooter. He learned about what being "thankful" means, and on his list of things he was thankful for included his family, his toys, and spider man.
Miles became a full fledged walker this month, going all around the house toddling about. He is the snuggle bug of the bunch, comes over to get hugs and kisses then he is off. He is more picky in his eating habits, and finds lots of laughs in his brothers. He waves hi, and makes the "all done" sign. He does not like shoes, refuses to walk or crawl even in them. He doesn't really like socks either, he takes them off right after I put them on then goes over to Quincy and tries to take his off too. He thinks everyone should be barefoot.

We spent our thanksgiving at Chris and Julie's house. Julie cooked a turkey, we added some sides. We had a lot of fun and kids had fun playing.

trying to get a picture of all six kids was pretty impossible:


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