Monday, December 12, 2011

Quincy and Miles 1 year stats

Looking back at my blog which is sort of my "baby book", I can't seem to find one flipping stat for Ht and Weight for D from his first 4 years?? How did I miss that? I am trying to be better with the twins but would like to compare them to D's so I will have to get a copy from the doctor.

So we had the boys 1st year wellness check. It went fine other than the Dr. being 40 mins late. Ever tried to sit through a waiting list with one baby? Ya imagine doing it with 2 for 40 mins. Then we had to do a blood draw on the boys, they do it the same way they do it for adults.. so imagine the fun of holding them both down to find a vein.

Good news is they are both happy, healthy, and ahead of the game on milestones so far. That is happy news.

Here are their stats:

Miles stats: 23 lbs 8.5oz, 31.5" tall
Quincy stats 22 lbs 15.4 oz, 30 3/4 tall


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