Sunday, August 21, 2011

throwback twin pictures

I was looking back at this blog, mainly to see how much I have been slacking on updating this blog. I realized I never posted these pictures. I think because I was using them for birth announcements and didn't want to share them before they got mailed. I can't believe 8 months later I never did post them. eek. Here they are. Gosh the boys were so tiny, and squishable. It took some serious patient and talent for these pictures. Trying to get just one newborn to sleep, pose and so on is hard.. two makes it impossible almost. Lorraine did a great job, and I am so happy to have these.

I remember the picture below being taken, and I was thinking this is what they looked like inside me. they were only 10 days old. It is crazy what my body did, simply amazing. Quincy left, Miles right.


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