Sunday, August 21, 2011

7 months

7 months came and went, with no blog update. So sad. I hope that 8 months won't fall in the same pattern. I won't make any promises, truth is it is real hard to find a moment to do this.. but it is important to me so I must. Month 7 was all about mobility. Increase speed in mobility, pulling up, sitting up.. reaching, grabbing, and in Miles case putting EVERYTHING in his mouth. Month 7 took the rhythm that I thought we had and threw it out the window. We never used gates with Darrian, month 7 three kids, two mobile babies had me begging my Mom friends for left over gates. (Luckily we got one). Teething really started kicking our butt. Miles has two bottom teeth, Quincy has two top and two bottom. There are days I wish we never got teeth, I feel bad and don't have enough hands to console two fussy babies.

They are however simply adorable. They are so fun to watch. They love playing together already, babble together, and they even console each other with kisses. It is so sweet to see, and really amazing to watch. They are so different not just in looks, but in being. Quincy is funny. He is the class clown. Funny faces, raspberries when eating (or not), and a smirk that let's you know he has something up his sleeve a mile away. Miles is happy go lucky, off into EVERYTHING. He crawled into the fireplace, through barriers three times. You can not turn your head from him for a moment. When you do, and he is off, I go after him, he picks up speed and squeals and giggles all the way. Miles has been shaking his head "no" for almost two months, this month he taught Quincy that trick. In exchange Quincy taught Miles his signature crinkled nose smile.

My Miles.. those rolls are so squishable.

Quincy my funny guy with the funny expressions..


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