Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Vacation

Lord help me. Darrian finished up Pre-school last week, his second year. He did really good, and I was really happy with his school year. Last year I don't think he really got it, and it was hard to get from him what he was getting because he was not talking as much. One and two word responses of how his day was gave me a glimpse into the future of teen years. This year however he was chatty, got the rules, learned lots, and really enjoyed himself. He also made friends. Until this point in his life his friends have been chosen for him by me in a sense since his friends have been my friends kids, this year he choose his own friends. He remembered names, and even made a best friend. It was fun to see him blossoming into his own little being. He did not miss a day of school, even with the twins being born.

Next year I am still trying to see if I should do two days or three days. I have to see what I can do with work. In the meantime summer vacation is upon us and I am scrambling to find activities for Darrian to be in to keep him busy. Luckily the city we live in has some great programs for kids, and I think we are going to try a few out. Also his school has a mini program I am thinking of putting him in, we will see because these summer camps add up quick. I promised him that we would have playdates with his friends so he can keep in touch.

Here are some pictures from his last day of school, and a video of his class singing us songs.

Darrian and his best friend's little sister. He really loves her.

Darrian with one of his teachers

They had a little puppet show/dance show for the kids

Darrian and his best friend Sam. He tells me all the time that Sam is his best friend in the whole entire world :) They are cute together.

go to to see the video


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