Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lily's 3rd birthday

Little Ms. Lily turned three this weekend, and we went up to celebrate with her on Saturday. Her birthday party was at a farm, where the kids got to ride on horses. Darrian had a lot of fun, and really loved the horses. I was surprised because I didn't think he would want to ride on them and he didn't want to get off. It was COLD, and when the rain began to fall we took the party back to the house to continue the celebration.

I can't believe Lily is three years old. I have been looking back at pictures to see how Darrian looked at Miles and Quincy's age and saw pictures of the girls from three years ago. Malia and Ivy have gotten so big, and changed so much in just three years, and Lily has come into this world and changed into such a little lady. She is so cute, and Darrian loves playing with her.

Darrian wearing his riding helmet

Miles all smiles even with the cold

the pretty picnic area

Quincy and daddy

The presents

Ivy and her friend


Chris looking serious

birthday girl on the horse

Malia on the horse, she takes lessons so she got the horse to run a bit. Then she got off and the horse did not want to stop running :)

Darrian on the horse

Mr. Q

Ivy riding

Lily opening gifts, she has great reactions even to duplicates.. opps. : /


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