Monday, February 14, 2011

A year older ..

I am a year older. A year wiser? Maybe. I celebrated my 31st birthday on Feb. 4th. What a year it has been. I celebrated my birthday by getting this.

A fancy new Mini-van. I don't have a same feelings towards mini-vans that others do, I guess because I never thought a car made me cool. It is practical, and really I have ALWAYS wanted to be a "soccer Mom" and this is just a step in the right direction. Lol. I love that the seats fold into the floor, and I love the storage, and I love the sliding doors, and well I love it...

I also celebrated my birthday by going out to lunch with all my boys. I was worried that we were making a huge mistake but I think overall I call it a success. The plus side to having a big family is that by the time you have lifted the strollers, car seats, buckled, put away left overs, gotten in the car yourself, buckled.. well you have worked off any lunch you may eaten. It was a good day.

I also wanted a van because I wanted to get out of the house with all three kids. What? you call me crazy.. well I might be. I have always been an on the go type person and did not want the fact that we had twins to limit that. In the week we have had the van I have been to target on my own with three kids, but I met friends there so I cheated a bit. I went and ran a bunch of errands with Darrian and Quincy, and then went to the outlets and target with all three, then went to a birthday party with Darrian and Quincy. It's been good to be able to get out and I look forward to actually going some places when the weather gets better.

The boys have been doing great. Darrian likes to tell people he loves them, like random strangers. He also is very friendly. We were waiting for the car the other day, he had his football with him and he asked a woman passing by if she wanted to play. Then asked her where she was going, then proceeded to tell her he loved her and have a good day. Goodness. I am in trouble.

Miles is smiley. The other day when I walked into the room he let out this squeal and a huge smile when he saw me. Quincy is smiley too, he just makes you work for it a bit. He has the sweetest face, these big brown eyes. Melt my heart. Both boys are laughing out loud, cooing lots, Quincy doesn't cry as much as he kinda yells out when he wants something. Both have good head control. Darrian is great with them, and very protective.

I got these pictures of Quincy the other day when he was in the swing. He looked up at me and I ran to get the camera.

swing (4 of 9)
swing (3 of 9)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! hope your day and heart is filled with love xoxox


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