Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nicole's 30th birthday party!

My friend from HS Nicole just celebrated her 30th birthday this past weekend. I can't remember how we met, just that somewhere along the way we did. I think that Niki was the reason why since Nicole is her best friend, and I was friends with Niki first. Regardless I am thankful we did. After HS we lost touch for a while, I would keep up on what was going on with her through Niki. Then 5 years ago when Niki got married we reunited. Since then we have been going out to dinner with Sofia about once a month, sometimes a baseball game.... is always nice to catch up. Nicole is a teacher, it is so perfect because she is great with children. She just got accepted into a program last week where she will teaching in Japan for a year. I will miss her dearly, but I am hoping that I can visit her once while she is over there.

Her boyfriend planned this weekend for her where he rented a home at the Russian River and we all joined in the fun. The house was REALLY nice and right on the River. It wasn't the weather I had hoped for, but turned out to be lots of fun. We drank, and chatted. It was nice to relax and hang out. We played games, drank, and drank some more. At one point we decided to have a "band shoot" with the "rockband" we made up at the river.

here are some pictures from the weekend...

Sofia enjoying a mimosa

Make a wish..

The view from the backyard.. so pretty.

Sofia and Nicole.

The three of us..

The birthday girl...

The band photoshoot
I love this one.. the mic is not plugged in :)
Front man.. Nicole's brother Mike.
The backyard, even though I don't love the rain it makes it all lush and green.

Brian Nicole's bf making a cake for her for the first time.


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