Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Fun...

Easter came and went this year really fast. Darrian seems to be much more into in than in the past years and it is really fun to enjoy these holiday's through his eyes. This year they had a free Easter egg hunt at the Marina, he really enjoyed it and had fun getting eggs and then playing at the park after. He wanted NOTHING to do with the Easter bunny.

Easter Day we went to church, Darrian did ok. I just spend more time making sure he is quiet instead of listening so I don't feel like I get much out of it. After church we came home did a small egg hunt, and opened baskets. I think Darrian loved the Rosie train Grandma got him the most, and our basket for him was all cars. He was in heaven. We then went to Chris and Ju-ju's for a Easter dinner. It was a good day!


Ivy so pretty!

Lily getting is so cute, and getting so big!


Lizz said...

Super cute! Glad you guys had a nice Easter!

janessa said...

oh my goodness! Now that I see your photos, I'm pretty sure that's what we did as kids with my folks (big ring of hidden eggs!)

Sooo cute to see D enjoying it!

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