Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Spring time!!

We are so happy in the Thornton house that spring time is here. It is so nice to be able to let Darrian play in the backyard, or to go to parks for him to run around. The past few weekends have been packed with lots of outdoor activities .

We took Darrian to Sonoma with Grandma to get some pictures of him in his "spring cloths". We found out that Darrian doesn't really love the wind. He kept getting so annoyed by it when it started kicking up. It was funny. We went for a walk, had a picnic, and I snapped pictures.

The next day Keith and I took Darrian to ride on the steam trains in Tilden park, then to play at a nearby park. He is CRAZY about trains lately, but the noise of them scares him. He was REALLY freaked out again by the steam train (this one was MUCH smaller than the polar express), but was really happy to see "Donald". He thought the train looked like one from Thomas. I sat with him on the bench and worked on warming him up to the idea. It took a while, but we finally made it on the train and once on he was fine. He loved it. He still ask if he can go ride Donald. At the park Darrian likes to play with children that are older, sadly 6 year olds don't really love playing with two year olds. It isn't at a point where Darrian can notice, and it's fun to watch him try to join in. I am thinking of taking him to go see Thomas but not sure he will love it just yet. I realized I had some pictures of K and I with D but they got deleted so I will have to add them later.

This weekend we had a playdate on Friday with Kelly and Greyson. Darrian REALLY loves them, so do I. He always ask if Greyson is coming over. It is super cute. I am happy it is staying light out longer so we can get together with them for some after dinner park dates. Saturday Auntie Devyn came over and we went and had a picnic at the park. It was so nice to sit and talk, and for her to spend time with Darrian. Darrian also ask about her often, and I love that he loves my friends who are so special in my life.

Sunday we carpooled with our favorite party go-ers Kelly and Greyson. Kelly has been so nice to offer us rides to birthday parties, and I enjoy the time on the road trips. This weekend we headed out to SF for a birthday party at a park there. Emily the birthday girl's Mom did such a good job decorating everything for this party. We had a lot of fun, Darrian of course spent a good chunk of time in a car *shocking*. They also had bubbles, pinata, and a cool playground for the kids. Good times!


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