Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Girls Weekend... 30th Birthday Surprise

I have been neglecting the blog, there I said it. I will try and get better. I am having a hard time finding my mojo lately. I want to take this blog back to a place of balance between everyone in the family, not just Darrian. That will be hard but I am going to try and do it!

First up, a post all about ME :).

Most of you know of my dear friend Niki who lives in Flordia. We met in highschool and bonded really quickly. It was sort of funny since we did not run at all in the same circles, but we had so much in commen. We had freshman year biology together, and through some note passing became really close. That spilled into long phone conversations, like any normal teenager. We had the BEST conversations, and realized really quickly we came from the same place. During Sophmore year Niki's Dad got a job in Flordia and they moved WAY across the country. I promised her that we would remain close even if the miles were many (I even wrote it in her yearbook). I flew out there in the summer she moved to spend time, we talked all the time, and the following summer we (Sofia and I) went to London (Niki's family is from England) and France together. When I flew to Flordia to visit family we got together, and I was in her wedding 5 years ago. That was the last time I saw her, I still can't believe it has been 5 years! Since that time she and her husband have had two girls, and now have a third baby on the way in Sept. Too much time had passed.

In January Niki's husband called me and said he wanted to surprise Niki for her 30th birthday by having myself and Niki's best friend fly out, if I was willing he said. Willing? I was more than willing. It was a generous offer, and I am so happy she is blessed with someone who knows how to make her happy. I was nervous about asking Keith since that would leave him with Darrian for several days, and I had never been away from Darrian. When I asked Keith, he did not even pause and said of couse I should go. It was set.

Nicole and I took the red-eye together on Thursday the 25th, and got into Flordia mid-morning. It was SO cold when we got there we thought the pilot was joking when he said it was 37 degrees, and the flight was brutal because I only slept an hour the entire time ...and my bag got delayed. Despite all of that, I was just excited to be there and REALLY anxious to get the surprise over with. I was SO nervous that someone would post something on facebook and Niki would see it before the surprise happen.

So Niki's sister picked us up at the airport and we made our way to the house. We played out all the different ways we would surprise her, and had a plan in place. Then Niki's Mom called to say she had left to go get the oldest daughter from preschool. We decided we would just be in the house waiting for her when she returned. We thought Nicole would be in the living room, and I would hide in the bathroom nearby and pounce when the time was right. Well ,they said she ONLY comes through the garage so we would hear it, and have time to hide. Niki surprised us by walking in the front door. :). It was still a shocking surprise, but not captured on video the way we wanted to. I was also just as surprised to see her as she was to see me, lol. I felt like we just saw each other, like no time had passed .. that is the best part of true and old friends.

Although we were tired, I did not nap because I knew this trip would go by WAY too fast. I wanted to enjoy all the time I could. We hung out and talked, it was so nice. Niki's Mom made dinner (she is the hostess with the mostess) and left it for us to enjoy. So when Jonathan got home we had dinner, then after the girls went to bed played board games. We had so much fun, and so many laughs, I did not mind that I went to bed at 1 am and almost no sleep for 24 hours. The rest of the trip we went to dinner, lunches, the park, played board games and then on Saturday we went to Savannah, GA. I have always wanted to go to Savannah so I was REALLY excited for the girls trip there. It was a lot of fun to walk around, and see all the history. My camera fell in love with Savannah. So much texture to capture, I could spend days there. Nicole and I were on a mission for southern food, and I am sure we drove the hungry pregnant Niki crazy going from place to place looking for the right menu. On a tip from a hotel we ended up at a place across town, and the food was very good. We got our fix. We went to the beach the final day, and got to play a bit with our camera's. Jonathan has a camera fix too, and it was really fun talking shop with him. I have camera envy since he has a fancier Canon, and a in house studio. I have to go back for longer so we can go out and shoot somethings, and be more annoying about photography without stomping on Niki's birthday weekend. :) I will share a few pictures here, I still have to finish editing some so I may update again really soon. I am hoping to go back soon and take Darrian with me so he can meet them and play with the girls.

PS> Darrian and Keith did just fine, and Darrian was SO excited to see me when I got home. I thought I would get some tude from him since he barely talked to me on the phone when called, but as soon as I went to get him out of bed he was over it. :)

PSS. I had my "bucket list" about a year ago so I get to scratch one item off going back to FL :). We are working on a road trip in 3 years too to cover the drive across country thing.
St. John the Baptist in Savannah, Ga

The "brain" Reunited Niki and Nicole

Savannah is known for their Iron, and there is a lot of it.

US Custom's House--made in 1852 of all granite took 60 days to get these columns in place.

Niki and I on the trolley tour.

One of the gravesites in the cemetary, not many people lived to 30 in the 1800's. Savannah is known as one of the most haunted places in the US because it was built on top of a cemetery.

St John's.

The Trio

Kylie.. Mini-Niki.

London, she has so much spunk.


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