Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The BIG 30..

I have not blogged in a bit, I need to upload pictures and haven't had the chance. Life has been busy, and crazy like life can be. I will say my 30th birthday was not what I expected it to be. I think I built it up to be this HUGE event, not so much. It was just another birthday. The bigger picture is that a decade is over, and a new one begins. I am hoping this new decade will be slower than the last. I think the 20's went by so fast, but then I think of all I did in my 20's and I feel like I accomplished a lot.

A year ago while on BART I typed out a "bucket list" on my iphone. This decade I really want to focus on scratching a few of these off :) I will add some too over time I think and keep it current so I can keep track of my progress :)

Travel to Lake Como
Take a gondola ride in Venice
Take Baby D to Disney world
Give a stranger $100
Volunteer at a shelter on a holiday
Give a jacket to a homeless person
Drive across country
Go to New England in the fall
See a sporting event in box seats
Take a cooking Course
Take a photography class
Get in contact with my Dad's family
Call a old friend and catch up
Go back to flordia
Visit my grandparents graves
Volunteer in an election
Be a big sister or mentor to a child
Eat at French laundry in Napa
Sit front row at a concert
Go to the opra
See a show on broadway
Volunteer at church
Marry a couple
Go back to school
Have a bonfire on a beach
Do something drastic with my hair
See the grand canyon
Go to yosemite
Go on vacation without a phone or laptop
Walk in a marathon for a cure
Take an Alaskan cruise
Make something useful with my wedding dress
Volunteer in Ds classroom
Escort on a field trip
Own a home with a pool
live abroad for a year


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