Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Niki's 29th Birthday...

Gosh we are getting old. It seems like just yesterday we were turning 9, 12, or 16 ... Niki is my oldest friend (and Natalie) and long ago she crossed the line into family. It was fun getting together with long time friends and celebrating with her as she starts her LAST year in her 20's. We had fun at bowling on Sunday night, and tonight (her actual bday) I am headed over to her Mom's house for pozole and more celebrating.

Here are some pictures from our bowling adventure. I was really not good that night, and it was fun to be in the place Niki and I were on a bowling team so many years ago (think we were 11 or 12). Niki had a high score of 121, not bad. We were both thankful Natalie wasn't there to show us how to really play.

Sister love :)

Birthday Girl gloating I bet.

Nicole and Sofia

Sofia's stance ;)



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