Monday, May 18, 2009

HOT weekend, but a great one.

(Darrian Laughing his head off at Daddy)

Geesh it was HOT this weekend. The weather is all over the place, jumping from Summer to Winter and back again.

Saturday we went to Sonoma and had a picnic, it was really nice even if it was very hot out. That night I went over to Lisa's house and she helped me get started on the favors for Darrian's birthday party. They turned out SOO cute. Sunday Mom and I ran to the store, and she got ribs for Keith to bbq. We had a bbq and Darrian played out back. It was a really good weekend, and I was able to relax. I have a 4 day work week this week, and a 4 day work week next week. :)

Not to sure about the pasta salad lol.

My boys.. ;)

View from Picnic table.

This is his ewww stinky face. lol.

Cape that Lisa and I made, these are the pincess favors, I am going to make the crown a bit more girly with jewels or something.

Reading a book. ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend !!


Heather said...

Wow, Michelle, you are such a talented photographer! DO you give lessons...please? It looks like you guys had a fabulous weekend!

the thorntons said...

Lessons would mean I would have to know what I am doing. ;) I just played with the camera till it got me to the pictures I wanted. You will be there in no time.

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