Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am back, a year older.

I am back, a year older.

Last week I celebrated my 29th birthday. Pretty low-key. I went to work and Mom made my day by coming to have lunch with me and bringing D along for the ride. It was so nice to have that during the workday. Got home and K made dinner for me, per my request I did not want to go out. He got me a cake, a very sweet card. It was very nice. Both him and my Mom are chipping in on some classes for me to take in Spring for Photography. I am looking forward to that. No birthday candle to blow out this year, but lots of wishing. We are in a place where I really need things to fall into place so everything can go smoothly.... lots of prayers and wishes for just that. Everything to fall into place. Last year was so very stressful every step of the way, this year I am really trying to put my faith in things, pray a lot, relax a bit. My mission is to enjoy my last year in my 20's. Not sure how just yet... stay tuned I suppose.


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