Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birthday parties and sleep over's ..

Birthday parties and sleep over's ..

This weekend had lots of celebrations, and fun. Friday night Niki took me out for my birthday. It was nice to chat and talk, I have missed chatting with her like that and it was fun. Saturday morning we went to a bday party for one of D's friends at Superfranks. It was a lot of fun, and D loved it. They had a bounce house too and he loved that, his first time in one. After the party we went home to get ready to vist Julie, Ivy and Lily. We were all suppose to stay the night, but then Chris ended up being out of town so just Darrian and I went over to stay. It was lots of fun. I FINALLLLYYYY got Lily to like me. Geesh, just 8 months later! Darrian did good, he loves how un-babyproofed everything is. Ivy and him played really well together which was really fun and cute. Sunday we went to a cute children's museum, that had a mini- grocery store, police cars, firetruck, and lots of hands on things. It was fun, I think that D was a bit tired since it was nap time but still enjoyed it. Then back home to grocery shop and get ready for another week :)

Birthday Girl. :)

Where was D most of the party .. in the car of course!

weee oh weee oh .. sirens and all.

Isn't she the cutest!!


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