Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This past weekend Grandma and I took Darrian to the Children's Discovery Museum. I have heard great things about this hands on place, and have been wanting to check it out. I wish it was closer because Darrian had a wonderful time. I had heard the Mom's talk about the water table at this place, and how the kids get wet. So me being the responsible Mom packed a change of shirt, and sweater for Darrian. They have little aprons the kids can wear so really how bad can it be? Um, I knew I was under prepared when the Mom next to us changed her kid into swim trunks, and water shoes. Then another comes with rain boots. Needless to say Darrian was soaked!! Shirt, pants, socks, shoes.. all of it. He played for about a half an hour or more having a blast so it was worth it. We thought the gift shop would sell outfits, seeing this as a money making chance... no go. They were nice enough to give us free passes to come back and check everything out. We had to go to Valley Fair to get Darrian a outfit and some socks.


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