Friday, December 19, 2008

A fun day off..

A fun day off..

I was off last friday, so I used the time to run around, and to meet up with my Mom's group. We met at Superfranks in Pleasanton for play time. It is a really fun place during the week, on the weekend most of the "fun areas" are closed for private birthday parties. They have a area upstairs with a bunch of ride on toys for the kids, train tables, and small buildings to play dress up in. Darrian had a blast. He loves inneracting with other children. The great thing is that you just put him down and let him go, and they have nice comfy chairs for the parents and grandparents to sit and watch. They also have a gym downstairs that they just put big mats in, cars you can ride around, and balls.. D loved that. We enjoyed a nice lunch in their cafe with friends.. and then headed to target to get some stuff. That afternoon I decorated the house.

Finally, that night Grandma and I took Darrian to look at Christmas lights. D wore his pjs, we got hot chocolate, he had milk, and we drove around checking out all the lights. He lasted about 10 houses then was alseep. It was fun.


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