Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Week in Re-cap.

We have had a really good week. Last Wednesday I met up with Sofia and Nicole for dinner. We went to A Cote in Oakland. It was SO yummy and I would recommend it, they have an outdoor heated patio that is an Oasis of sorts. It is was so fun to get together chat and talk.. and catch up.

Friday night K and I went on a date night while Grandma babysat. We had a really good time, went to dinner. Joked. Talked. No baby demanding the conversation. Not until we are out do I realize I miss it. I think we both agreed we will have to do it again sometimes soon.

Saturday.. Went to the pumpkin patch with D and Grandma. He picked out 7 small pumpkins and Grandma bought them ALL. He went on a train ride with Grandma too and loved it, but didn't love getting OFF the train. After that we went home and relaxed, D napped. Then Kelly came over and we went to take D's first year pictures. After that Kelly and I headed down to our clubhouse to meet a bunch of other Mom's for Game Night II. Lots of laughs. Lots of fun. Great company.

Sunday football, grocery shopping, and relaxation, and then .. went to get a Pedicure with Devyn. Her treat. We went to a really nice Spa and had wonderful relaxint pedicures.. a perfect way to top off the weekend.

Here are some pictures..

Picking out his many pumpkins!


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