Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A good weekend..

We had a really good weekend. Busy, but really is there any other type of weekend? :) Saturday we did get to relax a little bit in the morning and had lunch together, and most fun of all took a morning nap together. Sleep is so special after a baby. After all that D and I went to the park to play. We had a lot of fun and ran around for a few hours before heading home. I then headed over to Lynette's house for a get-together. Her and her husband were nice enough to host us, in their new lovely home. I can't believe how much add-on work her husband has done on his own. I think it is as close as you can get to just building a new place. It was nice to chat, and laugh. I miss these ladies, and glad we can still get together. On the way home I checked in with K and found out D was already in bed, I hate when I miss bedtime. However I got to talk to Devyn and catch up, and we talked till midnight! It seems like forever since we have done that. It is funny but Devyn is still the person I can talk to the longest on the phone. About everything, and nothing. I swear we could solve the world.
Sunday we headed to Chris and Julie's to spend the day. You can call this apart of my "Mission Win Lily Over". I swear she isn't THAT into me yet. I try not to take it personal, but when she cuddles up to K and not me, how could I not. That is okay. I am packing my calendar full of lots of time to win her over. When I hold her D likes to come over and yell, which scares her.. I guess it is his way of keeping me to himself. D loves the puppies and was ALL about Chris. He rested his head on him while drinking his bottle and was giving him lots of kisses, and wanted him to hold him. Ju-Ju got some love too.
He did fall (twice) and his lip bleed both times. I HATE when he gets hurt. Honestly. Hate it. His lip is doing better although it looked like he was in a boxing match. It was a fun weekend.
On our way to the park:

He loves to move the sand from where it is to the sidewalk.

Lily becoming a fan of K..

My 3 favorite girls.

Ms. Lily letting me get some pictures of her

Playing in the Jumperoo . She hasn't gotten the bouncing thing just yet, but when she does I am sure she will love it.

Don't you just smile? So cute.

Getting some of Mama's love..

Malia seeing if her cabbage patch kid likes the jumperoo too

(Niki doesn't she look like your CPK Maria?)

D hanging with is Godfather..

D thinking this looks familiar..

D getting some waking up snuggles from his Godmother Ju-Ju

D at home that night with his fat lip.. still smiling.


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