Monday, January 07, 2008

Three Months makes a BIG difference!

Saturday I took Darrian to get some 3 month pictures, he is a little older than 3 months (almost 4) but he turned three months right in the heart of Christmas Season so we waited.

I kept going back and fourth on what photographer to use and decided to use the same one we used for the newborn shots. I want to get more photojournalistic shots but I am waiting to find the perfect photographer for that.

Darrian did really good, he was of course a flirt with the photographer. He was all smiles and talking to her which was cute. Although every time he saw the flashes go off, or the camera in front of her face he would look a little serious. We won't get the pictures back for a few weeks but she posted a article on him on her blog, and a slide show.

She has this teacup she takes babies pictures in, the first time she did it he basically fell into the teacup. She thought it would be cute if we did it again to show how much he has grown! Boy has he grown!

See for yourself..

You can see more pictures here at:


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