Friday, December 28, 2007

Pictures again...
So as I get ready to have Darrian's 3 month photo's taken I find myself trolling all sorts of photographer websites and blogs. I am looking for ideas, and for a photographer who is reasonably priced and does the type of pictures I am looking for. I think in a former life, or in this life I long to be a professional photographer. I LOVE pictures. I love taking pictures. I honestly think the Canon XTI SLR I got for my birthday this year was the best gift I have ever ever gotten. Who knew I was already creating my favorite subject (Darrian) when I opened it! I want to go to classes and learn more about it, photoshop, and get lenses for it.
I admire the work of others who have already mastered the trade. So today I ran across this website of a photographer.. It honestly takes my breath away. Her pictures are amazing and her price is reasonable. One glitch.. she is in Utah. I honestly wondered for a minute how much it would be to fly there.. haha. I did send her an email and let her know how much I admired her work and if she was EVER in the area I would love to have her take Darrian's pictures. Hey I can hope right?
Meanwhile two that I am looking at that are local are :
Also I ran across this Mom on Flickr who decided when her son turned one to take a picture a day documenting his life. That is sort of a neat idea, I wonder if I could actually keep it up. Perhaps I will start it Jan. 1st. It helps that she takes amazing pictures..Here is a look..
Happy FRIDAY everyone!


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