Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone... Sorry I have not posted in a while. It has gotten busy with the holidays rushing up quickly upon us. So much to accomplish in so little time. Also in true Thornton fashion it wasn't a holiday without some drama. Most of you know my sister-in-laws can be a true pain, if not this blog isn't long enough to capture the 10 years of drama. I will say when a family emergency came up last weekend I found myself blessed to have friends I could call on that put their own lives on hold to be there. Especially Devyn, Chris, Julie and my Mom... they have shown Keith and I how truly blessed we are. That no gift under the tree will compare to the gift that they have given us. We are forever in debt. As Devyn said I had my own little "Christmas Miracle" ... now we move on towards Christmas hopefully drama free.

We got a tree for Christmas, I haven't been able to get enough pictures of Darrian in front of it because I have had to upload pictures and I hadn't had the time. Finally I did and wanted to share our tree shopping pictures, and the final product here.

Enjoy! I will try and post before Christmas, if not we send our love to everyone and hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!


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