Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where does the time go???
I can't quite believe it is almost July.. it seems like this year is flying by so fast!!! Keith and I have finished 10 weddings so far this year and we have quite a few more to go. June has been pretty easy on us though, and not too busy for weddings at least.
Keith had a good first father's day, he milked it for everything he could in true Keith fashion. He got a wallet and card from me, gifts from my mom, cake, and dinner. I told him to enjoy the quite time because I couldn't promise next year would be as quiet. The rest of the month was spent going to dinner with friends and family.. Devyn and I spent one Sat. getting pedicures at a place in SF that were very relaxing, and driving around trying to figure out where to have lunch. Last night I got together with Sofia and Nicole in Berkeley for some Indian food (I SO needed Indian food), it was nice to get together talk and catch up... we need to do it more often. On my way home I was thinking I am very lucky to have so many girlfriends in my life that have been there for over 10 years... my Dad used to say if I could have one good friend in my life then you are lucky (him and his best friend have been friends for more than 30 years), and that friendships are important.. I can't help but feel like I am very lucky to have more than one.
This weekend Keith and I are running away for a weekend and going to Carmel/Monterey. We have a wedding Sunday, but we are free to play until then and Sunday's wedding seems like it will be pretty easy on us which is nice. I am for sure going to take lots of pictures and I will post them here! I had to go down to meet with the clients this past weekend and my Mom was nice enough to ride with me down and back to Carmel. We stopped for lunch in Monterey and enjoyed the PERFECT weather they had, it was very relaxing. I was so tired after I took a nap, my Mom freshened up and went onto her next party.. I was amazed at the energy level.
Keith and I are still searching for the perfect nursery.. if you know Keith and I we don't like anything short of modern in design. I think this has been hard for us in so many ways. No matter what we were buying, living room sets, tables, and anything else it is hard to find a modern store nearby to get things we like at. We are having the same problem with nursery sets.. decor, and cribs.. but we are working on it. In the endless searching I found some really cool websites... baby design for modern parents.. it is a blog that has new items for modern parents like ourselves, we have found some really cool stuff on here and ideas. They even had an expo in LA for modern nurseries and put some of the pictures on here which was nice.
AND this is more for the planner in me, and the parties I like to have, a blog called the hostess with the mostess (Tina if you are reading this it reminds me of you!) that gives great ideas and products for Com temporary entertaining (modern). I keep saying I am going to throw another party like I did at Christmas time.. just haven't found an open weekend yet but I am working on it! Check it out they have great ideas, and the first entry on there right now is about a photographer I work with all the time Jen Skog, her work is AMAZING, and so was her bridal shower. I am going to steal these color ideas for my party when I have it (afterall they were stolen from a bridal show we did together!).. anyhow enjoy!


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