Friday, June 08, 2007


Yesterday Keith and I celebrated 4 years of happy and successful years of marriage. It has been quite a ride overall.. we are also coming up on 10 years together total. We have accomplished many of the goals we set for ourselves, and worked through lots of surprises along the way. We often talk about how proud we are to make it so far together, both personally and as a couple.. it is not an easy task but one we have enjoyed doing. I think more even more than four years ago we see ourselves as more of a team than anything else.

SO as a anniversary gift to us my Mom got us a chance to see our child in a whole new light, 3D. WE also got to find out that we are expecting a little boy! Our baby is stubborn, (guess who he got that from) and he does not like his picture taken (he's in trouble because he hasn't met his Mom yet, and I have my new camera to play with) so she did the best she could, and got some neat shots. The cool part is she still gave us a DVD, some pictures and we are going back at the end of the month for free when the baby will be bigger and not able to run as much (or swim). It was a much nicer experience than the one at the drs. office because they have a tv set up for us to watch the baby on.. not just a small screen the tech gets to look at.

After the ultrasound we went to dinner at Gary Danko in San Francisco. We had originally planned on going to Auberge again, but with Keith's Mom being in the hospital it just wasn't going to give us enough time to do so. We lucked out because Gary Danko books two months in advance (as they tell you on their voicemail), and we got on a waiting list earlier in the week. So on Wednesday they called and said that they had an opening last night so we took it. This place has won the "Oscar" of restaurants, as the best of the best. It is SF's top rated place to eat. The food was wonderful, the service was amazing. It was a great way to celebrate a great day, and the news that we are bringing a son into this world.

Here are some pictures of our son:

Here he is with his hand up to his head

More of his hand up to his head
trying to hide...5 fingers
boy shot... :)
More of a front profile of his face.


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