Thursday, November 16, 2006

What would you do for a Christmas Gift?
Keith has wanted a PS3 for over a year now. I remember when they released the first model at the gamers convention two years ago, he couldn't wait for it to come out. This year he knew it was going to be coming out and was super excited to get one. Well, Sony decided to release only 400,000 units in the US this Friday sparking a crazy frenzy of people getting in line to get one. Some pre-orders on EBAY are going for as much as $2500.00 per console. The Sony store in SF (picture shown here) has a line 3 city blocks long! They are getting the most consoles on the west coast at 500.
Keith decided that he would camp out, stand in long lines to get one. He couldn't stand out more than one day and was hoping the lines would stay tame till then. Stores in the area started having lines on Tuesday much to our dismay. Keith had taken today and Friday as a vacation day to camp out. He called around to many stores and Best buy in Dublin was not allowing people to line up more than 24 hrs. in advance, so no sooner than 8am this morning. Keith wanted to get two, one to keep and one to sell if possible. The stores are only allowing one per person so he enlisted the help of my brother (yea you read that right). So they got to Best buy at 4 am this morning just in case. By 8 am there were 100 people there. The manager told everyone to make one line along a wall, and people RAN to get in line. The manager had told them that he only would be getting 40 consoles. Keith and my brother are number 25/26. They take their names down and take roll call every hour and 1/2 to make sure the same people are in line, you miss a roll call you miss your chance. In between roll calls is your chance to get something to eat, go the bathroom and such. Sony is releasing two types of games, one is a 60 gb and one is a 20 gb. Keith wanted the 60 gb one. Each store got a min. of twenty of the 60 gb, and 6 of the 20 gb. So they are not sure what the 40 mix is. I am hoping and praying it is at least a 30/10 split they won't know until later tonight when the manager gets them and counts them.
Tomorrow morning if all goes well (crossing some fingers and toes) tickets will be handed out and doors open at 8 am for purchase. I am hoping Christmas comes early for Keith...maybe you can send some well wishes to him too!


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