Friday, November 10, 2006

Gerald Levert
Keith called me today to tell me that Gerald Levert had passed away. I was really sad to hear that, both Keith and I really enjoy his music and own most of his albums. I first started loving him in High School when he was in the group 'LSG' (Levert, Sweat, Gill). I slowly began listening to his music from before that time, and then bought solo albums of him after. Below are some of my favorite lyrics, they are from his song "Mr. Too Damn Good for You". Keith and I will miss his music, and his soulful powerful voice.
"Wanna be the smile on your face And be your stars and your moon I wanna be your sunny day Can I be your favorite tune I wanna be your breakfast in bed And baby I’ll be your fool Mr. Too Damn Good to you "


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