Thursday, April 12, 2012

A spring break..

I took a couple days off this week. Darrian is on spring break and I wanted to take some time to entertain him. Our church is also hosting 35 families for two weeks through the Winter Nights program, and I signed up to help out with the children Tuesday night so wanted to be off for that.

I was REALLY bummed to see rain in the forecast all week. The only nice day was Monday so we packed it in. My Mom went with me and we took the kids to Chrissy Field for a picnic. I've been wanting to go for a while to take the kids pictures there. It didn't work out so great. It never does which is why I hire people :) it takes two people to wrangle them for pictures. But I did get a few I liked. We then went to Fort Point so Darrian could wait for the waves to come in and splash him. :)
Then we dropped the babies off, my Mom off, and met Kelly and the kids at the park for a couple hours. Tuesday Kelly and the kids came over to play for a bit, it was raining so it was nice to have company to keep D occupied.

It was a good break, wednesday we just stayed home and relaxed and I had to work in the afternoon.

Hoping for some sun this weekend ..


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