Monday, July 11, 2011


Summer is here, Darrian is out of school.. and the days are long. :) We have been filling their time with picnics, and daycamp for Darrian. He really has been loving that. It is really reasonable and he goes from 9 am to 3 pm. It was too much of a commitment for us to sign up for a week at a time, but the cool thing is they allow drop in's so we can pick the dates that work for us. We also have a pool set up in the backyard and I put the slide into it to create a mini oasis for Darrian. Our community has a pool and we spend a LOT of time there. Usually once a day, some days twice. It is free, and a great way for Darrian to get his energy out.

The twins have also started eating solids which is fun, it is hard to actually put time aside to feed them both but we try and do it at the same time. Miles isn't very into it, and Quincy is all about it.

Quincy in his cowboy hat

Miles and Keith at Golden Gate Park on our picnic last weekend.

What Miles does when he doesn't like the veggies we are giving him.

Quincy all ready to eat.

Miles all smiles on our picnic at GG park


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