Monday, April 11, 2011

Ivy's 8th Birthday

Ivy turned 8 years old this past weekend. 8 years. {SIGH} I think it seems like just yesterday Julie was pregnant with her and I was planning my wedding. I know I say time goes by so fast too often, but it really does. Ivy is such a special little girl. I love her lots and I love watching who she is becoming. She is pretty carefree, and the kind of girl who looks on the positive sides of most things and people. She is caring, and has a cute quirky sense of humor. I see her evolving and can picture the young lady she is becoming, she is headed on the right path. I guess the only good thing about seeing them get older, is getting to see who they become.
We had a great time, Quincy and Miles I think were snuggled by everyone at the party. Such a huge help for me to have the extra hands.

Quincy and his Godsister's Malia and Lily. Doesn't Lily look just like Julie here? Total mini-me.

This girl is turning double digits this year, which she reminded me of several times during Ivy's party. I think she likes to see me cringe :). She is always asking about the babies, doting on them, and she asked to hold Quincy. She was in the back room with me when I was changing them into PJs and she tells me "Ivy was born in the morning." I told her I know I remember :). She proceeded to tell me she was really happy to have a little sister, because she didn't have a younger sibling at the time. I told her I know one of my favorite memories is soon after Ivy was born, and she was taking a nap and woke up and Malia went running down the hall yelling "Don't worry Ivy I'm coming!!". That was just yesterday right?? geesh.

Such a little girl now.
Ivy has always given the best reactions when opening presents, she makes each one feel like it is THE best gift. I think that's a talent.

Notice Darrian blowing in the background, I warned him ahead of time not to blow them out like he did last year. It makes me feel a little better to see Maria is blowing too. :) Maybe it is just something we do when we see someone blowing out candles.
Malia wanted to wear the pinata after it was broken open.
Grandma and Quincy
Ivy and her girlfriends.

Quincy hanging with his love Ju-ju.

and hanging out with his godfather.

Miles watching gifts being opened

hanging out with Grandma.


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