Monday, June 21, 2010

A little catch up..

No pictures this post, I have to upload some new ones. I thought I would just write :). Darrian and I went on a mommy-son date this weekend and I took him to see Toy Story 3. I loved Toy Story when I was younger, and I was really excited for him to see it. It was his first time in a theatre and he did really good. He got a little antsy towards the end and wanted to switch seats which was no big deal. He talks so much it is fun to have conversations with him.

We also went swimming again this weekend and I was putting his swim diaper on and it had Nemo on the front of it. He was asking me what it was, and I told him it was a fish. He said "no Mommy that's Nemo a clown fish!" . I have no idea where he learned that. He saw the movie once?
He is also REALLY into imaginative play. When he gets up first question is "Wanna play? Wanna play" , he won't give up and will go get a bunch of cars or trains and assign you to one. He also re-assigns as he wants :), then you have conversations with the cars or trains and talk about your day. Sometimes he will just spend time on his own, on his belly having these conversations with his cars or trains. It is really fun to watch.
He loves to swim, we just put floaters on him and he goes. He will swim around in the deep end, and shallow. I am right behind him, but he shows no fear. We will be getting him classes soon.
Yesterday he wanted me to read him a book Auntie Dev got him. As I was getting ready to read it, I heard him spelling out the letters on the front F-A-L-L, then he goes "One L, Two L". He is really into counting, his letters, and his numbers. He can count up to 30 on a good day. :) Most days it is 20. He also has his colors down, and likes to point those out.

In a few weeks I will be taking him to Florida to meet my friend Niki and her family. I am very excited. I am taking him to Disney world (cross it off my bucket list) and I hope he enjoys it.

Lots of other things going on, I will update soon. I hope to post pictures this week.

Hope your all enjoying your Summer!!


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