Monday, May 03, 2010

Old friends...

Haskel and Keith have been friends for a long time, since HS. Keith can't remember exactly how they met, just that they did.. and once they were friends they did everything together. Keith is known to Haskel as Daryl, as most of his friends call him (his first name). I think when we did the numbers they have been friends for about 30 years. At times they got a long time without talking, but they are the type of friends that when they are together it is like no time has passed. There really shouldn't be that much time in between, but you know how boys are. Haskel called to say he was going to be in town with is wife, and daughter because his daughter was dancing in a show in Oakland. We had a busy weekend planned, but I was committed in getting these two together. I knew it would be good for Keith.

We drove to Oakland and met with him and the family at the hotel they were staying at. It was their first time meeting Darrian, and it didn't take long for Uncle Haskel to win him over. He didn't want him to leave. We were only going to hang out for a couple hours, with promise of another trip later in May. It ended up being 4 hours, and we had to get to a photo shoot (more on that later) and Haskel's daughter had to get to rehearsal. We decided to come back though after... and ended up at the show for a bit, then dinner, and talking until after midnight.

It was nice to see Keith happy and laughing, and after he was so thankful he went back.. old friends are the best. Even though Keith would never admit it, it is good for his soul.


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