Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What has been up..

I feel like I haven't updated in a while. Hope you all are having a great new year! It has been ok around these parts, 3 weeks in and lots going on.

Darrian is getting so big, he comes up to above my hip now. My little baby is getting so big. He is so talkative too, It is really cute the little conversations he can have with me.

- He is really into repeating things, mainly everything Daddy says. I also will tell him things, he will remember and later tell them back to me. It is funny, and sort of random when these thoughts pop into his head.
A big one is I told him he had to be careful around cars, they could hit him, he has to hold hands. Since then he has told me this a MILLION times. Its funny, all of a sudden he will come over to me and say "Car hit you?", "Hold hands?", "be careful", "hold Mommy hand, Daddy hand, Grandma hand?" Hope I did not scar him for life or anything.

-He is also really into getting me to do things he does, he will dance then stop and say "you try Mommy, you try". Or he will make a silly face and ask me to try.

-His new things is "Snuggle me". He will come over to me with a blanket, or get into bed under the covers and ask me to "Snuggle me". I never turn down this offer.

-He has taken to singing, it is really sweet and cute. I will try and get it on tape soon.

He is so much fun, and full of life and I adore him.


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