Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Paying in Forward..
So it has been a while since I talked about Wedding planning. I get asked by friends all the time if I am still doing it, I am just not at the 30 or more per year speed I was for the past 5 years. I would for it to be a little busier than it is now, but don't think with Baby D and work I can handle a full load.
I have worked with many vendors over the years, some I have really become close with. One of them were a few guys who started a videographer company. I am not going to name it just for google reasons :). Over the past 5 year I have done over 40 weddings with them, and I heard in Jan. they were going out of business. I was sad to hear that, dropped an email to the owner saying I was sorry and never heard back. Then I heard some clients were not getting their money back. I thought that was sad that he just vanished, but was happy my clients from last year had all their videos.
Until.... about 3 weeks ago. I got an email from a past Sept. client saying she never got her video, and they stopped emailing her about a month ago. I felt so bad because I recommended these people to them. Also I can not imagine not having the images of the wedding day, I recommend videographers because I think it is important. Even if you have a student do it, there is a lot film can't catch. Also after Donna died in Oct. I was happy that we had our video of her reading at our wedding, and also her dancing with K to an upbeat song for the Mother/Son Dance. I think it really captured "her" and want Darrian to be able to see those things. I also had a couple who got married a few years ago who shortly after went to LA with both sets of parents... a terrible car accident happen and all the parents were killed except for one of their Father's. The video was still being edited, but I remember them contacting me and how important those images were to them. So for so many reason it was important to me. I spent a lot of time researching a way to get in contact with them.
I finally got one of the guys to call me back, he was really nice. However he said the owner had pretty much ran away, and didn't know how to get the videos. He would contact the other guys and see what he can do. AFTER a LONG ordeal... and some fancy mystery work he got the videos. All the videos for 2007 clients, I told him to make right I would help him get them to people who were not even my client. Although they are not the edited DVDs they paid for, the raw images are worth so much.
My client got their video and they were SO thankful. I still feel bad they had to go through all that.. but happy it has a happy ended.. I love happy endings.
Here is the email from the bride...
Hi Michelle,
We finally have it! P met me at my work (he works in the same area, basically down the street) and handed me the tapes this afternoon.On the way home I was almost going to cry at the thought that our wedding day WILL be chronicled in video format after all. Thanks for your help again. We're grateful for your persistence and efforts, we can not explain how much it means to us. You went above and beyond. -C
I hope by helping them that is some good Karma in the world for us.


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