Monday, September 24, 2007

We are home!!!

Finally we are home after a long week, what felt to me like the longest week of my life, we are finally settling down into our life as a family. I have posted some pics from yesterday for you guys to look at..

We will be in touch soon!


Yvonne said...

Awesome and just beautiful!


Shanese (Keith's cousin) said...

Hello Mr.& Mrs. Thornton,

I'm very excited to know that I have a new baby cousin to brag about. Now, I will have to find a way to get to Cali to bring my little man "Christopher" to see his little cousin. He was born February 7, 2007. They will be the same age just like Keith and I are. I was born May 30, 1973 and he was born August 8, 1973 (dude were getting old :~0 ). Having your first born is SUCH A BLESSING and A JOY. I wouldn't trade it for the world. You guys just wait, every day will be like Christmas with little Darrian. He is gorgeous!!!! I know the both of you will be GREAT PARENTS. Michelle and Keith, may GOD BLESS your family and please keep in touch.

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